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5 Most Engaging Brands on Social Media

by Blog Editor - Jul 20, 2016

Engagement counts if it can amaze people by taking the lead in no time. Trust me one good campaign can give you that boost and or millions might not do that trick. Engagement is an increasingly important metric for determining the value of social marketing. The social media world is cutthroat “If you don't cannibalise […]

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How is Kinnect2 store different from other online stores?

by Blog Editor - Jul 4, 2016

Save the hassle! Shop online. The emergence of social shoppers has led to a prolific increase in online shopping and social commerce platforms. Various researches demonstrate that the reason for this increase is the millennials of today, who prefer the convenience and avoid all the trouble of going to a store. The numbers of online […]

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5 Social Listening tools you should know about as a marketer

by Blog Editor - Jun 28, 2016

With social media growing stronger, the complexity to effectively measure and manage what the people are saying about a brand is also on a rise. Consequently, an entire industry has surfaced in social media monitoring software alongside the gigantic social media marketing industry. What is social listening? Simply, it is the method of monitoring a […]

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Kinnect2 App- The Most Engaging App for Brands and Consumers

by Sub-Editor - Jun 24, 2016

There is a change in the way consumers are using the apps in this new digital world; the consumer is empowered to accept or reject any app that comes their way. It all revolves around the consumer because the competition is fierce with more than 2 million apps available in the app store and play […]

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Use of Big Data in 2016

by Blog Editor - Jun 22, 2016

Every keystroke on social media is retained as big data for companies that are interested in targeting the right audience for their next campaign or understand the consumer better. We constantly produce many details via social media that has lots of potential information, but sadly never used, as it should be. Understanding the Term ‘Big […]

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Top Six Trends of Social Media Marketing Space for 2016

by Blog Editor - Jun 18, 2016

‘Reimagining your Social Media Marketing Space in the Year 2016’ At present social media is mainly used to accomplish business objectives in terms of annual sales growth. Businesses that intend to flourish best and create a buzz must recognize the significance of social media sites, as a suitable platform that facilitates two-way communication between the […]

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Five Fashion Brands We Love

by Blog Editor - Jun 16, 2016

Chanel The House of Chanel has a very intoxicating aura that allures and excites all of us. Given that, it is not the only reason we love Chanel. Specifically trending today is its bags. Lambskin, caviar OR patent leather, Chanel does it all. You got to admit that all of these are dangerously beautiful. Although […]

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Consumer-Brand Engagement Apps in 2016

by Blog Editor - Jun 13, 2016

The digital landscape has evolved its focus from social to a more business-oriented space, which is why marketers are juggling between numerous social media channels to reach their respective audience. Not just that, the way in which marketers connect with their audience has changed, which means marketing is no more about sending your message out […]

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by Blog Editor - Jun 11, 2016

Social media networks are an obsession of the world today and this definitely has an impact on how we communicate. Similarly, marketing communication has also been influenced due to the use of social media. The media and messages that you set out to communicate with the consumers are known as marketing communication. It incorporates direct […]

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Six Things Consumers Expect from Brands on Social Media

by Blog Editor - Jun 8, 2016

Social media is around for a long time, but it has only accelerated to another level recently. Individuals’ not on board are considered as outdated souls. Close to one out of three people in the developing countries is online. A research suggests three billion people – almost 40 percent of the world’s population is on […]